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Amsterdam: G8 Leaders Fool’s Pride
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Rebelclowns[rebelnews] UPDATE – Join the G8 Leaders Fool’s Pride!This Thursday Dam square

Dear friends of the Amsterdam Rebel Clowns,
Here’s a last reminder with practicalities about the G8 Leaders Fool’s Pride next Thursday, May 26th!
* if the weather is cold or rainy, please wear warm clothes under your foolish costume or wear a foolish coat
* take some bread with you if you didn’t have dinner. Or chocolate, cookies or whatever. We’ll have a limited amount of bananas, chocolate and cookies for the ones who need foolish energie. Drinks will be available in the bar of Gallery Schijnheilig.
* take a half liter of water bottle with you for the Fool’s March (you could get thirsty with walking, dancing, shouting and singing)
* take a valid ID with you if you don’t want to take risks (you never know: maybe the police is that stupid to check the fools)
* for all other info: please read the mail below and the flyer in the attachment with fool attention!
* for the address: take a look at the link to the map and be there right on time! with 18.00 we really mean 18.00 Door open: 17.30.
*tell your friends and forward this mail!
Join the G8 Leaders Fool’s Pride; you probably also meet our beloved Spanish friends – who are calling for a real democracy now!
Looking forward to fooling around with you!!!
The Amsterdam Rebel Clowns


Dear friends of the Amsterdam Rebel Clowns,
As clowns we’ve great memories about meetings of the G8 in the first decade of the century, when leaders of the most powerfool nations gathered and got company from the alter-globalist movement.
When they talked and didn’t solve any of the real problems of the planet, rebel clowns showed up and tried to help these politicians in Gleneagles (UK) in 2005 and in Heiligendamm (Germany) in 2007.
This year in the last week of May the G8 will meet in Deauville (France). Protests will be different: there’s an international call for decentralized actions.
Let’s contribute!!! When G8 leaders are fooling around with the world, shouldn’t we reclaim the city and our lives with fool responsibility?!!
You are warmly welcome to join the G8 Leaders Fool’s Pride
Fool’s date: Thursday, May 26th – 18.00
Fool’s meetingplace: Gallery Schijnheilig, Passeerdersgracht 23, Amsterdam
Take with you everything you need to change into any fool you wish to be or already are: see the flyer in the attachment.
Foolish clothes: if you think: “This is really going toooooo far” – you have the perfect outfit!
Foolish stuff: if you have – please take it with you to make music, to juggle, to breath fire, whatever!
Foolish make up: we’ll have it especially for you – you’ll get support if needed!
Take fool responsibility and be there right on time 18.00 (door open: 17.30). We can’t wait for you – we need time to change, to make up and to explain the foolish route through Amsterdam city centre. When we leave for the G8 Leaders Fool’s Pride you could leave personal belongings like ‘normal’ clothes safely in Gallery Schijnheilig. We’ll return together later in the night.
You’ll get a reminder with last practical information in the week before Thursday, May 26th.
Tell your friends and please forward this invitation!
Looking forward to fooling around with you!!!
The Amsterdam Rebel Clowns

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