G8 is everywhere – so are we !! … and they all must go !
decentralized actions against the G8 2011 !
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G8 Leaders Fool’s Pride Amsterdam Thursday, May 26th and Friday, May 27th G8 is in Deauville, France. G8 is everywhere – so are we!!… And they all must go! Actions in several cities (joining the call for dezentralized actions): Paris, Strasbourg, Nürnberg, Berlin, Hamburg, Kiel, Bremen, Cologne, Barcelona, Dyon, Bordeaux and many more:  https://nog8actions.noblogs.org Also […]

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Rebelclowns[rebelnews] UPDATE – Join the G8 Leaders Fool’s Pride!This Thursday Dam square Dear friends of the Amsterdam Rebel Clowns, Here’s a last reminder with practicalities about the G8 Leaders Fool’s Pride next Thursday, May 26th! * if the weather is cold or rainy, please wear warm clothes under your foolish costume or wear a foolish […]