G8 is everywhere – so are we !! … and they all must go !
decentralized actions against the G8 2011 !
Amsterdam – Report 26 May – G8 Leaders Fool’s Pride

G8 Leaders Fool’s Pride Amsterdam

Thursday, May 26th and Friday, May 27th G8 is in Deauville, France. G8 is everywhere – so are we!!… And they all must go!

Actions in several cities (joining the call for dezentralized actions): Paris, Strasbourg, Nürnberg, Berlin, Hamburg, Kiel, Bremen, Cologne, Barcelona, Dyon, Bordeaux and many more:  https://nog8actions.noblogs.org

Also Amsterdam clowns called for action:

“G8 meets in Deauville, France: to solve the Financial Crisis?? the Food Crisis?? the Energy Crisis?? the Climate Crisis??

“When G8 Leaders are fooling around with the world, shouldn’t we reclaim the city and our lives with FOOL RESPONSIBILITY?!”

Although the weather wasn’t great Thursday, May 26th in Amsterdam – many fools showed up for the ‘G8 Leaders Fool’s Pride’. The procession started around 19.30 in the Leidsestraat. Shouting, singing, dancing – with great music!

Shortly after we started also 2 police horses wanted to join, but they weren’t clownpletely under control (in the mood to start running…) so unfortunately they had to leave.
After a few police vans passed by we entered Heiligeweg and Kalverstraat – enjoying the beautifool shopping area: it’s great to go get shopping when in the same moment ‘world leaders’ are deciding about us!

Of course we had our moments for a short break at some of these stores, especially McDonalds – to think and dance about McWorld and McPolitics!

Finally we reached the Dam square and connected for a while with the people of the Spanish Revolution. Time to have our ‘G8 Leaders Fool’s Pride Press Conference’.

Don’t understand how; but they were all present at the Dam square: Obama, Angela Merkel, Cameron, Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Stephen Harper, Naoto Kan and Medvedev.
Their statement was short and simple: several times we made impressive promises. Words sounding beautifoooool. In 2005 in Gleneagles billions to develop the southern countries (“Make Poverty History!”) and in 2007 in Heiligendamm Angela Merkel spoke about solving the climate crisis…

What happened? “YES WE CAN – BUT WE WON’T!!!”

Next to it the G8 politicians at the Dam square explained they were also humans: also impressed by what happened at the squares all over the world – in Egypt and other Arabic countries, in Spain and even in Amsterdam. That’s why they declared: “It’s time for Real Democracy sooner or later or maybe even Now!!!”

“Therefore why we should stop with G8 and don’t make it G20, but G-7Billion people on the planet: the G-Unlimited!!!”

Of course not all G8-leaders agreed – the press conference ended in a big internal fight. They ended all lying down on the ground, too bad, isn’t it?!

Film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmKauGDbfK8

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